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Malawi Misuku AA 250g



This coffee is produced by the Smallholder Coffee Farmers Trust (SCFT) in the Northern highlands of Malawi and is grown at an average altitude of 1600m.  Misuku is a primary coop located in the Misuku Hills in the Chitipa District bordering Tanzania. Almost 80% of the coffee is grown on terraces and veritals grown are Geisha, Catimor 129, Catimor and Nyika.  Cherries are harvested at dawn and brought to washing stations before early afternoon. Careful washing and grading is carried out on the same day before the wet parchment settles into separate fermenting tanks. Fermented coffee is dried on raised tables.  

Cupping Notes: This coffee has rounded body with delicate acidity, raspberries and a hint of sweet citrus flowers.

Coffee Beans - 250g Resealable Pouch
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